Vilnius Bokšto str. 6

Bokšto st. 6 plot is in the eastern part of the current Vilnius Old Town. At the beginning of the city’s development, this territory belonged to the ruthenian part of Vilnius (Civitas Rutenica). In the 18th c., there was an almhouse, and in the 20th century the premises were handed over to the hospital. Archaeological research was carried out in this territory in 2005-2014 (archaeologists – Rytis Jonaitis and Irma Kaplūnaitė). A total area of ​​7,000 mwas surveyed and 531 graves were uncovered. The burials were dated to the second half of the 13th c. and the beginning of the 15th century. In summary, the anthropological material of Bokšto st. 6 burial ground is abundant and so far the only representative material of the 13th – 15th centuries of Vilnius.

In total, the collection contains 470 individuals. Anthropological material is poorly preserved, remains are fragmentary. In general, the bones are brittle and severely affected by erosion. The overall survival of skeletons in males is 74.5%, in females – 63.5%, in non-adults – 50.3%.

Complete skeleton (>50 %)12827,2 %
Partially preserved skeleton (~50 %)13929,6 %
Fragmentary skeleton (<50 %)20343,2 %

Poor preservation of the remains limited the determination of individuals’ sex and age. A total of 305 adults and 165 adult individuals were determined (Fig. 1). Male and probable male accounted for 26% of all individuals studied, females and probable females – 26%. Such a ratio of males and females (1: 1) suggests that the dead were not buried selectively in Bokštas st. 6 burial ground. Individuals who have not reached maturity, under 18 years of age, composed 35% of the total number of individuals. Most non-adults died at the age of 5–10 years (Fig. 2). Adult male mortality was the highest in 40-49 years, female – 30-49 years age group (Fig. 3).

Fig. 1. Population structure of the Bokštas st. 6 (N=470).
Fig. 2. Crude prevalence rates of the Bokštas st. 6 non-adults (N=470).
Fig. 3. Crude prevalence rates of the Bokštas st. 6 adults (N=470).